A Warm Campfire Greeting

Time:  1 hour, 15 minutes
Cost:  $$
Difficulty:  7/10
Overall Ranking:  6/10


Why hello!  You probably landed on my blog because you thought it would be fun to read one of my homework assignments, maybe you’re just really good at Googling, or I’m lucky enough to happen upon someone who is as much of a Pinterest stalker as I am.  My name is Rachael, and I like to make pins from the DIY category on Pinterest.  Sometimes, I feel like a regular artist.  Other days, I start to wonder if the pins are just Photoshop edited.  Here, I critique and rank my telling tales.  Learn from them, especially this first one where I decided to make homemade cupcakes and icing before proceeding to make a tent out of pretzels.  Recreate them if you want, and give me feedback on how great they turned out in the comment section or on social media sites (links on the right).


I’m a huge fan of Owl City and country music, which is the strangest combination, but at the same time, Adam Young just hit up Jake Owen in his new song, Back Home, and I’m obsessed with it.  There’s this one lyric that says, “I’m heading back to tree lines, to free time, and starry nights, to bonfires, and fireflies…”

This past weekend, I made a much needed trip back to my momma and decided to take up baking.  Of course, I wanted to try something from Pinterest, but alas, I don’t know what is easy to make, looks adorable, and is actually edible.  I decided to try my hand at cupcake decorating, specifically bonfire building because that song is just stuck in my head all the time.  With fall just encroaching into the season, I thought this would be a great effort on if this pin was actually do-able for the average individual.

The original recipe was pinned by Betty Crocker as “Campfire S’mores Cupcakes.”  I made the cupcakes from scratch, but it would be an incredible time-saver to buy a box mix.  If you would like to make the same cupcake recipe as me, follow the instructions on Betty Crocker.


So, I’ll pick up where the decorating begins.  You have to first smash up like 40 to 500 bazillion hard candies with a hammer on your front porch (or at least that’s what I did, but to each his own).  Then, you put them in a foil-lined pan and melt them in the oven.  Meanwhile, you break 60 pretzel sticks in half and mix marshmallow creme, butter, powdered sugar, and food coloring to make the frosting.

When I first started icing my cupcakes, the frosting was about the consistency of brownie batter, so I poured the entire box of powdered sugar into it.  That at least made it lumpy.  Then, I tried setting five little broken pretzels up into a tent because it had to look like I was camping and whatnot, but, since the icing was so thin, the pretzels kept collapsing and falling off the cupcake.  The block of melted candy was very difficult to shatter apart, but I don’t have any cuts, and I got them on there, so you can, too.  My favorite part of this project was definitely the marshmallows because all I had to do was stick them on a toothpick.

Overall, I think this pin looks a lot easier than it is to actually carry out.  The pretzels slide off, and the candy is difficult to break.  However, it is very cute once you have two dozen of them.  These are great for fall gatherings and guest treats.  But, if you plan on making them, my suggestion is to buy packaged cupcake mix and icing because it would save time, money, and quality of outcome.


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