A Revolutionary Graphic Nail Design

Time:  60 minutes (excluding time to dry)
Cost:  $
Difficulty:  7/10
Overall Ranking:  9/10

Let’s all go back to the best opening credits ever created, featuring the greatest star ever born.


Yes, I’m referring to Cadet Kelly, when Hillary Duff, an independent and adorable young lady, twirled ribbons to a Superchick song.  The reason I bring up this sequence to your memory is because, until lately, I didn’t realize how critical it was to the feminist perspective.  Now, I’m definitely not a “feminist,” but I believe women can kick some serious butt.  And, in case you need to start your morning right, the lyrics, “Some people see the revolution, but most only see the girl,” is definitely a motto to dance in your *pajamies to.

Nevertheless, this week, I wanted to try a pin that makes every girl want to kick some butt – graphic nail designs, inspired by none other than Hillary Duff (just the inspiration, not the endorsement).  I was scrolling through Pinterest, as per usual, and found some of these nail designs, created using Scotch tape.


The gist is that you paint your nail one color, and let it dry completely.  Word from the (not so) wise, make sure the finger nail polish is completely dry, or the Scotch tape peels off the polish.  I’m not going to say I tried that, but there’s a reason I’ll be wearing closed toe shoes this week.  Looks like I need to play that Lizzie McGuire manicure game more frequently.

Once you wait six years for the underlying polish to dry, you get to have a bunch of fun cutting tape into microscopic strips.  The stripes have to be really thin in order to make quality designs, so you must be patient.  You can also do other cutting patterns, like triangles or just cover half of the nail.  I laid the tape over my fingers and pretended I was Edward Scissorhands – the only resemblance being my hands (promise).  Then, I opened up four of my oldest, brightest, and chunkiest nail polish and painted the little sections.  Once the colors dried, I peeled up the tape, and I was superstar status!


I would definitely recommend this pin tutorial because of how easy it was and the quality of outcome.  The project came out as expected and looked great!  My only hesitation with the DIY project is the amount of drying time needed before adding the design, though this would probably be true about any nail design.

Have you tried nail designs from Pinterest before?  Tell me in the comment sections what you think of this review!

*Pajamies (noun) – the term for pajamas in the Rachael dictionary


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