Be a Dynamite. Be Magical. The Conch Braid.

Time:  15-20 minutes
Cost:  $
Difficulty:  9/10
Overall Ranking:  7/10

Boom.  Clap.  Ullullu.  The most beautiful, complicated, magical Pinterest hair you might ever see – known as the Conch Braid (cue drool).


I would equate the hair of Conch braids to the hair of Blake Lively – virtually impossible to replicate, but worthy of pure admiration and spiteful jealousy.  This hair from the Heavens is basically a French-style fish tale braid.  If you aren’t familiar with a fish tale braid, it’s just splitting your hair into two sections and alternating portions from one side to the next.  For a real tutorial from someone who’s not me, check out how I learned! (Even for me, I don’t consider it too hard.  Give it a try.  You know you want to.)


In essence, I made the conch braid by putting a bunch of sticky, gunky hair care product in to make myself feel like a hairstylist of sorts.  I grabbed a section on the right side of my head and braided back, into a spiral around the crown of my head.  If it doesn’t feel like you’re getting carpal tunnel, you’re probably not doing it tight enough.  I, for one, had to do this braid twice, because, the first time, my layers fell from their careful little sections of the braid when I was trying to twist the braid.  So, braid tightly.

Inevitably, once I was almost done, my fine, thin hair was in huge knots, and I wasn’t able to keep the sections separated.  The greatest thing about this hair style is there isn’t a way to make it look bad!  Although it’s difficult to keep the strands separated and spiraled, mine came out looking like an elaborate messy bun.  That’s the magic of the conch.


I think this was a really difficult process to get accustomed to because my arms aren’t long enough, and I can’t see behind my head.  Also, my hair wasn’t long enough to make a significant spiral, so that’s a major factor in actually coming out like the original.  But, on a nice fall day, this is a great option because it is quick and gorgeous!

If you’d like to see my DIY remake in the process, check out my speedy video recap below, which is really a long gif because who really knows how to upload video?

My Movie

In case you wanted to know my song choice for this project, it’s Fire and Dynamite by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, which describes the gorgeousness of simple elegance.


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