Fall Wreaths and What-Knot

Time:  1 hour
Cost:  $
Difficulty:  2/10
Overall Ranking:  7/10

Remember my compulsive fondness over the inanimate texture and versatility of twine?  THE TWINE HAS BEEN REVIVED FOR THIS BLOG.  I would say my love for twine is just one of the many ways I would describe my dreams and passions.  But, ultimately, I would describe myself as a ‘Merican beauty.


There’s this song Drew Holcomb literally wrote for me, and, in the second verse, he describes me by saying, “She was déjà vu/She was a catch-22/She was an American beauty.”  It’s like he knows me better than I know myself, ya know?

That rustic, deep voice from Holcomb never fails to make me crave everything fall – bonfires, worn-out boots, and the satisfaction of stepping on a crunchy leaf.  And, what’s more representative of a cozy autumn season than the warm welcome of a fall wreath?

So, today, I created my own fall wreath for the front door of my apartment, and it’ll make you want a pumpkin spice latte it’s so great.  I don’t even like lattes.


Basically, all this project entails is a productive trip to Walmart and some creativity.  Pick out a wreath for the base, colorful flowers, burlap, and lace.  Make sure to grab floral wiring to tie the flowers to the wealth.  Otherwise, in my situation, the barn sparrows that typify my Midwestern home would steal my flowers like they stole my Barbie toys, but that’s a completely different story.  You might consider adding a chalkboard sign or small pumpkins to your wreath as well.

First, I made a bow from the burlap, which is not that difficult.  Check out the instructions that I used, and you’ll be good to go!  Burlap, unfortunately, comes apart as easily as me when watching Rom-Coms, so watch out for that.


Chop the flowers from their plastic stem, and jab them nicely into the sides of the wreath.  Add extra texture to the project by adding smaller flowers, lace accents, or small twigs.  I prefer to add all of my decorations on one side of the wreath to avoid clutter.

Use a wreath hanger to sling the décor over your front door, and you’ll always be expecting to smell warm fall-scented candles every time you come home.  Ah, yes, to be young and in fall.  This project is inexpensive and very easy to personalize.

Have you done any fall projects lately?  Tell me all about them in the comments section, or stay up-to-date with my projects on my Facebook page!


Canvas Painting 101

Time:  3 hours
Cost:  $$
Difficulty:  7/10
Overall Ranking:  9/10

Here’s to the twilight.  Here’s to the memories.  Here’s to the dreams we had that tried and died.  But, do they really?


I believe in dreams – the crazy, the sane, big, small, and completely obnoxious.  When I was younger, I thought dreaming never stopped in the limitless capacity of radical imagination.  There’s a song by Switchfoot called Souvenirs that reminds me of a lyrical photograph.  I wonder, then, what would happen if we could keep every unlimited, impossible dream that now just seem like a souvenir in a realistic, grown-up, ever-busy life.

These deep nightmarish thoughts are what inspired by DIY canvas painting this week.  I’ve painted in the past, dandelions and arrows, but I chose the dream catcher for the first time on this project.  I was originally inspired by an ombre-like painting, produced by Silhouette Blog, but modified it to make it my own.


For my canvas, I used the poster board from a Hobby Lobby artbeat poster.  As much as I love the obsessive Paris products from the poster company, I’m a fan favorite of the partnered cardboard backing for paintings.  I dug up some of my old paints, which have been around since placing in the seventh grade science fair and making homemade dollhouses in high school (class projects, I promise).

I lined up some of my favorite colors by shade and smeared them across the cardboard canvas like a 3-year-old with lipstick.  The greatest tip for this project is overlaying colors for them to blend in a fading effect.  I had a brush for each color and would, at times, revert back to the previous color if more blending was needed.  It doesn’t matter what it really comes out like if it’s the colors you like and the design you choose.

After, I decided on a design and motto by, of course, scrolling through Pinterest.  I traced a sewing hoop and a coin with a pencil for the circles of the dream catcher.  I suggest drawing the design in pencil because we are imperfect beings, and there is no way my project would come out centered the first time.  Then, I got a thin paintbrush and carefully traced over the pencil.

Vitally important information:  Do not sneeze during this process.

The biggest aspect of this project is simply self-expression.  If you like the way a technique looks, use it.  If you prefer other colors, use them.  If you want to add your own motto and design, go for it.  Don’t limit your capacity to what looks difficult or by your own self-motivation.  The bigger you dream, the bigger person you become.

I gave the canvas painting a high rating because this is a personalized artwork I can hang in my apartment.  I love the colors and the fact I made it myself.  However, blending the colors is quite difficult, and I thought making the dream catcher was complicated for someone who hadn’t drawn one before.  Overall, I would encourage pinners to try this as well for a personalized and fun souvenir of Pinterest!

Supernova Mosaic Serving Plates

Time:  4 hours
Cost:  $
Difficulty:  5/10
Overall Ranking:  8/10

Some people are just the life of the party – cue Boys Like Girls – and I’m most definitely that person.  Kinda.  Sometimes.  Maybe.  LOL.  #introvertprobs


But, even if that’s not always the case, everyone needs a little sparkle in his or her life every so often.  Without fun, we would have never experienced the Framers overthrowing the Articles like they own the place, the People of Walmart (No, I’m not linking to something that could be inappropriate for some readers), or Zenon leaving her space station to finally be on Earth and eventually save the station from collapse and the world ending.  You could say she’s a Supernova Girl, but don’t go to extremes.

For your listening enjoyment, please check out this song from the Disney Channel Original Movie, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (on Youtube by MoonlightS27).  You won’t be disappointed because it’s Protozoa, and you won’t understand my blog without it.

This week, I was heavily inspired by interplanetary, megastellar, hydrostatic mosaics on Pinterest from broken DVDs.  While there are options for these projects on necklaces, mirror frames, and bird baths, I wanted to be the life of the actual party.  What better way to get everyone to love you than food?  So, I created my own invention – a mosaic serving plate – a truly Technicolored world.


All you need for this project is clear tacky glue, a pack of DVDs, and a white serving plate.  I also grabbed some clear acrylic sealer to protect it because I didn’t want to be eating shards of DVDs, but that’s just me.  When I first started the project, I was trying not to scratch the discs with my nails, and I tried to bend the discs to break them.  DVDs are literally more flexible than ever imagined.  Like, what’s in those?  Neo?  (That’s a Matrix joke.)

Don’t bother trying to bend the discs to break them.  Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut the discs in half with some elbow grease that you may or may not have.  DVDs are actually layered discs, so, once cut in half, peel the two layers apart.  This is similar to separating Oreos because you have to get the shiny pieces to stick on one layer, but it doesn’t always work, and then you are stuck with half on each.  It’s a rough life.

Once the layers are separated, it’s easier to cut the discs.  Use the tacky glue to puzzle them out on the plate.  This is a long process, but, in the end, it’s absolutely gorgeous.  Although the project was one of the longest to complete thus far in my blogging experience, I really love the bold statement and stunning outcome.  The project was not too difficult because, since it’s a mosaic, it’s a little easier to correct mistakes.  I would definitely recommend putting sealer over the plate to protect the DVD pieces as the color will scratch off.

In the end, if you’re looking for a showstopper DIY project for your next get-together or you want an “out-of-this-world” creation for your cupcake treats, don’t let gravity get in the way of your mosaic plate aspirations.

Twine, Burlap, and Window Hangings

Time:  2 hours
Cost:  $$$
Difficulty:  4/10
Overall Ranking:  9/10

Heaven is among us in the form of thrifting.  Lately, DIY and thrifting is all the trend when pinners refurbish a piece of furniture.  Turn drab to fab just as easily as infomercials.   Needless to say, I love picking up old furniture from antique malls and revamping them.  My favorite pin right now are flipped window hangings.


Full disclaimer:  I have, in fact, flipped a nightstand before (check out my past DIY projects to the right).  However, I never used painter’s tape (tape is actually much trickier than just sticking it down, by the way), and this week’s project was my first time flipping a window.


Why a window?  Well, Maroon 5 just says tap on it, and you’ll feel beautiful.  That’s why.

I found my baby (as I am now sincerely attached to my window) at Lawson Hill Antique Mall in Kirksville, Missouri.  In case you’re in the area, I found it to be helpful and full of lovely, charming little trinkets.  I picked out a white, peeling, chipped window from among the trove.  Next, I headed over to a home improvement store for supplies, picked out the most chipper shade of aquamarine, and sprawled everything out at my apartment.

All one really has to do in flipping furniture is clean off the furniture, sand (if needed), and paint.  Since this was a window, I needed painter’s tape.  After the coldest morning in my exaggerated history, when I almost lost my fingers to the October frost, I finally painted a semi-attractive window.  Although I love the color, my painting job is only decent at best, so maybe be more careful rather than freezing to death when putting on painter’s tape.  I also didn’t have much experience with painter’s tape, but the gist is to try to get the edges to line up without overlap with what needs to be painted.

Then, I threw on some burlap, twine, clothespins, and pictures.  Watch out for the burlap if you’re wearing a sweater; it’ll getcha.  The twine, on the other hand, I wonder if I could make a sweater out of my beloved twine.

Whatever you think looks good, you do it.  You do you.  And let me know how it turns out.   I personally did not fully love some of the Pinterest ideas, so I made my own design from scratch.  This is a step I would definitely encourage to be personalized to add to the project overall.

I loved this DIY project because it was so easy, and the project looks stellar!  My DIY window hanging is personalized to what I will use for years to come.  Although it may be difficult to find furniture at a reasonable price, check out some of your own local thrift stores because you never know exactly what you will find to personalize!

And maybe if I tap on my DIY window enough times, Adam Levine will show up in my kitchen.

adam levine