Supernova Mosaic Serving Plates

Time:  4 hours
Cost:  $
Difficulty:  5/10
Overall Ranking:  8/10

Some people are just the life of the party – cue Boys Like Girls – and I’m most definitely that person.  Kinda.  Sometimes.  Maybe.  LOL.  #introvertprobs


But, even if that’s not always the case, everyone needs a little sparkle in his or her life every so often.  Without fun, we would have never experienced the Framers overthrowing the Articles like they own the place, the People of Walmart (No, I’m not linking to something that could be inappropriate for some readers), or Zenon leaving her space station to finally be on Earth and eventually save the station from collapse and the world ending.  You could say she’s a Supernova Girl, but don’t go to extremes.

For your listening enjoyment, please check out this song from the Disney Channel Original Movie, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (on Youtube by MoonlightS27).  You won’t be disappointed because it’s Protozoa, and you won’t understand my blog without it.

This week, I was heavily inspired by interplanetary, megastellar, hydrostatic mosaics on Pinterest from broken DVDs.  While there are options for these projects on necklaces, mirror frames, and bird baths, I wanted to be the life of the actual party.  What better way to get everyone to love you than food?  So, I created my own invention – a mosaic serving plate – a truly Technicolored world.


All you need for this project is clear tacky glue, a pack of DVDs, and a white serving plate.  I also grabbed some clear acrylic sealer to protect it because I didn’t want to be eating shards of DVDs, but that’s just me.  When I first started the project, I was trying not to scratch the discs with my nails, and I tried to bend the discs to break them.  DVDs are literally more flexible than ever imagined.  Like, what’s in those?  Neo?  (That’s a Matrix joke.)

Don’t bother trying to bend the discs to break them.  Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut the discs in half with some elbow grease that you may or may not have.  DVDs are actually layered discs, so, once cut in half, peel the two layers apart.  This is similar to separating Oreos because you have to get the shiny pieces to stick on one layer, but it doesn’t always work, and then you are stuck with half on each.  It’s a rough life.

Once the layers are separated, it’s easier to cut the discs.  Use the tacky glue to puzzle them out on the plate.  This is a long process, but, in the end, it’s absolutely gorgeous.  Although the project was one of the longest to complete thus far in my blogging experience, I really love the bold statement and stunning outcome.  The project was not too difficult because, since it’s a mosaic, it’s a little easier to correct mistakes.  I would definitely recommend putting sealer over the plate to protect the DVD pieces as the color will scratch off.

In the end, if you’re looking for a showstopper DIY project for your next get-together or you want an “out-of-this-world” creation for your cupcake treats, don’t let gravity get in the way of your mosaic plate aspirations.


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