Canvas Painting 101

Time:  3 hours
Cost:  $$
Difficulty:  7/10
Overall Ranking:  9/10

Here’s to the twilight.  Here’s to the memories.  Here’s to the dreams we had that tried and died.  But, do they really?


I believe in dreams – the crazy, the sane, big, small, and completely obnoxious.  When I was younger, I thought dreaming never stopped in the limitless capacity of radical imagination.  There’s a song by Switchfoot called Souvenirs that reminds me of a lyrical photograph.  I wonder, then, what would happen if we could keep every unlimited, impossible dream that now just seem like a souvenir in a realistic, grown-up, ever-busy life.

These deep nightmarish thoughts are what inspired by DIY canvas painting this week.  I’ve painted in the past, dandelions and arrows, but I chose the dream catcher for the first time on this project.  I was originally inspired by an ombre-like painting, produced by Silhouette Blog, but modified it to make it my own.


For my canvas, I used the poster board from a Hobby Lobby artbeat poster.  As much as I love the obsessive Paris products from the poster company, I’m a fan favorite of the partnered cardboard backing for paintings.  I dug up some of my old paints, which have been around since placing in the seventh grade science fair and making homemade dollhouses in high school (class projects, I promise).

I lined up some of my favorite colors by shade and smeared them across the cardboard canvas like a 3-year-old with lipstick.  The greatest tip for this project is overlaying colors for them to blend in a fading effect.  I had a brush for each color and would, at times, revert back to the previous color if more blending was needed.  It doesn’t matter what it really comes out like if it’s the colors you like and the design you choose.

After, I decided on a design and motto by, of course, scrolling through Pinterest.  I traced a sewing hoop and a coin with a pencil for the circles of the dream catcher.  I suggest drawing the design in pencil because we are imperfect beings, and there is no way my project would come out centered the first time.  Then, I got a thin paintbrush and carefully traced over the pencil.

Vitally important information:  Do not sneeze during this process.

The biggest aspect of this project is simply self-expression.  If you like the way a technique looks, use it.  If you prefer other colors, use them.  If you want to add your own motto and design, go for it.  Don’t limit your capacity to what looks difficult or by your own self-motivation.  The bigger you dream, the bigger person you become.

I gave the canvas painting a high rating because this is a personalized artwork I can hang in my apartment.  I love the colors and the fact I made it myself.  However, blending the colors is quite difficult, and I thought making the dream catcher was complicated for someone who hadn’t drawn one before.  Overall, I would encourage pinners to try this as well for a personalized and fun souvenir of Pinterest!


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