Light It Up

Time:  3 hours
Cost:  $
Difficulty:  9/10
Overall Ranking:  2/10

Light – such an interesting concept – can be bright, pure, and good, but also scorching, blinding, and flickering.  For example, when I am doing homework or the power goes out or I have huge bags under my eyes, I need some lighting.  But, when my alarm beckons me out from my warm cocoon of covers in the morning, light is a no-go.

Even more interesting still is the lack of light that shadows life into the twilight.  There’s a song by For King and Country with the lyrics, “Everything in sight was lost in silhouette.”  I love silhouettes of cities, like the city skyline right at sunrise.  When I was scrolling through Pinterest this week in search of a lantern/lamp DIY project, I found the lamp of the New York City skyline.  As much as I love it, I wanted to make it my own, and so, I decided to do a variation of the original pin by doing the silhouette of Paris.


I picked out a classy, little black lamp from Walmart and printed off the outline of Paris.  First, I painted the inside of the lampshade black.  I don’t know why I did that, but it was in the instructions in the original pin.  I cut out sections of the skyline and taped it around the lampshade.

Take a pin, preferably with a larger top, and stab the outline of the city.  Also, add more holes around the buildings, leaving only the silhouette skyline without the little pin holes.  The thicker the pin, the more the city will stand out.

I originally tried to use a screw.  Do you know how hard it is to get a screw out of a lampshade?  I wouldn’t recommend, and, thankfully, no one was around to see that side of me.

Stabbing the shade takes quite a bit of time, so I decided to listen to old Anastasia songs and Family Force 5.  Once, you finally are happy with the progress of your lampshade, the light will probably burn out because it takes forever, or at least mine did.

I would not recommend this project because the detail of the buildings are not as pronounced as they looked in the pin.  The pin looks more magical, where mine appears to be very DIY and tacky.  It took a while to make the project relative to the lack of elegance in the outcome.  I also did not like sticking the pin into the shade, time after time.  For each of these reasons, I ranked the project pretty low.

Do you know how I could have improved this project?  Have you had some Pinterest fails?  Let me know in the comments section, or follow me on Facebook for all my rankings.


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