A Hoot ‘n’ Holla

Time:  2 hours, excluding dry time
Cost:  $
Difficulty:  2/10
Overall Ranking:  8/10

Earth is important. Mother Earth.  Earthy vibes.  My Homeland.


I’m not very much of an environment person, but I respect where I live.  Not because I live there, but because it must have taken a lot of love to create it.  I remember, in high school, I had to make a dollhouse, complete with clay dolls and whatnot.  Well, that made me want to rip out my hair, so I can’t imagine the amount of thought God put into me and the microscopic planet on which I live.  But, back on topic.

Have you ever noticed how many birds there are outside?  There are a lot of birds.  I don’t know how many birds, but there are a lot of those little Audubon society-lovin’, French fry-eatin’, original tweeters.  There’s this song called “Fly On” by Humming House that is absolutely perfect at describing my thoughts on birds.  The lyrics are, “As we fly on, fly on, just like we always do.”  This really encompasses birds because they can just take off and fly and not give two-cents about being held down.  Birds – they’re chill, I tell ya.


If I were to be an animal, I’d probably be a bird, so why not make a little friend of my own?  Here, I introduce Roanoke, the recycled owl.


This project is relatively simple and inexpensive.  Let your friends throw a house party and steal all of their empty soda bottles when they turn away.  (Thanks, roomies).  Outline with a permanent marker where the cut lines are, as shown at the original pin site.


Match up the ends, and wrap tape around the attachment.  Make sure to keep the tape from wrinkling.  Roanoke looks pretty old ‘cause I didn’t do that.

Paint the entire body a dark brown.  You may have to add an extra layer, and it might look weird, but I promise he’s adorable in the end.  Add white circles for eyes, outline them in black, and paint his white belly.  Add the extra elements, like a faded black bottom, feathers, a beak, and pupils.  He shall look ravishing.

I would definitely recommend this project, and I should certainly be making more Baby Roanokes for my friends in the near future.  The project is relatively inexpensive, especially if you already have the paint from other projects, like I did.  The owl is a nice addition to my humble abode, as far as being adorable as well.

Have you seen something on Pinterest that you would like me to try out?  Send me some of your favorite DIY pins on my official Pinterest site!


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