Bold Necklaces and the Hollywood Dream

Time:  1 hour
Cost:  $
Difficulty:  6/10
Overall Ranking:  7/10

“Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.”  What Madison was really trying to say was, “Be sassy.  Wear great sunglasses.  Pursue greatness.”  Or was he imitating Goofy?

So, that’s what I did.  I shipped myself to sunshine and surf out west for a conference at the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.  I know you were probably expecting Weezer references and songs referring to sunshine today.  Literally, just flew in, and only still awake because I have to do this blog for a class, but I also needed to tell you that my face almost gotten eaten by a photobombing horse (but that picture is too embarrassing for blog material).


One of my main takeaways from the conservative activist conference was to stand up for your beliefs, even when it is not easy.  Put on your shades, and let the sass seep through your pores.  This inspired me to make my own bold statement necklace to stand out with style.


The major focus of this project is the beads, so I scoured my small Midwestern town for such gems on a Friday night because that’s just how social I am.  I started with running down the aisles of Walmart, screaming, of course.  Nothing.  Well, we are young ladies.  Young ladies don’t get their beads for Walmart.  Where’s the class in that?

So, then, I tried Dollar Tree, and the Dollar Store, and Walgreens.  I’m writing a book now, “Searching for Beads in Kirksville – A Personal Narrative of Struggle and Redemption.”  Yes, that’s right – REDEMPTION.  I finally resorted to picking out beads from Walmart.  Stick it to the man? No, the man definitely won this one.  I decided to choose beads for the shape, rather than color, and spray paint them bright red.

I never spray painted anything until this project, but I’m scarred for life after the amount of red paint covering my hands and grass.  It looked like a gory mess.  I tried two different types of spray paint, and both of them were a complete mess.  I eventually decided to paint the beads blue from the paint I used for my window home decor blog.  This is what I should have done first.  This is what you should do first.  Paint the beads by hand.

Once you find beads (or paint them three times, like I did), use the small wires to connect the beads together.  You may have to lay out the necklace design, but this will prove difficult when the actual beads are hooked together.  The structure may change as you are adding beads.  Connect them to a chain and, tah dah, you have your own statement necklace.

I like this project because the necklace is cute and practical.  With the right set of wire tools, forming the wire isn’t too bad.  The only struggle I had with the project was finding beads and making them look classy enough to look like more than just beads.  Therefore, I liked this project, but it wasn’t one of my top picks either.

Did you make your own DIY project necklace?  Share pictures on my Pinterest site!


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