About DIY: Pins to Try

DIY: Pins to Try originated from my News Reporting and Writing class with Dr. Marilyn Yaquinto (kinda a Pulitzer Prize winner nbd).  I have a semester long project on blogging, so here’s mine.

I’m a lot like you, just a regular girl who likes to lay in bed and pin DIY projects all the day long.  I don’t know about you, but I have a bad habit of never actually “doing” any “do-it-yourself” projects.  Why should Pinterest be such a tease?

So, this semester, I’m testing some of the most popular pin tutorials.  Is painting really that easy?  Will my cupcake decorations look like those of a professional baker?  Can I braid my hair without ripping it all out first?

My mission is to encourage pinners to go out on the limb and test their ability to DIY.  Every week, I’ll pick a different category of pins to test, so make sure you check out my weekly blog for when I stick it to the pins – the good, the bad, and the complete messes.

Comment back with your own stories, and learn from my critiques.


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